The Skeletal System


The Skeletal System Printable Pack is a great way to help your child or student understand how the skeleton in our bodies protects us and keeps us strong. Every activity page is about the skeletal system and gives them all the knowledge that they need to succeed.


Teaching the kids all about The Skeletal System is a really fun lesson to teach. These printable pages will show them non spooky skeletons and have their attention the entire time while doing so.

This printable pack is a wonderful way to teach them that our skeletal system gives our body the structure and support that it needs to keep us healthy and active daily. This activity will help them to learn about our bones and our skeletal system as well.

Once they’re done with this printable pack, they’re going to be able to tell you all about the skeletal system in our body.

What’s included in The Skeletal System Printable Pack:

  • Skeleton match
  • Build a skeleton
  • Human skeleton
  • Roll a skeleton
  • Skeletal system word search
  • Skeletal system



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