Space Activity Sheets


These Space Activity Sheets are a great way to keep the kids active and learning, while they’re “exploring” space as well. Every activity page focus on space and the activities are the perfect combination of challenging questions that will help to instill confidence in their learning capabilities as well.


Are you ready to find a fun activity for your child that is “out of this world?” These Space Activity Sheets are perfect for having your space-loving child be creative while learning at the same time.

If you have a little one in the house that is crazy about all things space, these Space Activity Worksheets are certain to be a hit. Great for early learners and also kids who like to have fun at home using their independence and minds.

What’s included in the Space Activity Sheets download:

  • What will the astronaut see?
  • My Space Words
  • Space Patterns
  • I am an astronaut
  • Counting to Blast Off
  • The New Planet I Discovered
  • Space Maze


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