The Moon Activity Sheets


The Moon Activity Sheets are great for preschool learners and other early learners that are curious and want to learn more about the moon. These printable activity sheets are also perfect for building confidence and helping them focus on their skills.


These Moon Activity Sheets are too fun to pass up! If you have children that love to look up into the night sky or are always talking about the moon, these activity sheets just can’t be missed. They’re a great way to keep their creativity and imagination combined as well as to educate them.

The good part about having activity sheets for the kids to do is that it keeps them sharp on their skills. From reading to coloring, tracing to seeking, there are always tasks and learning lessons that they’ll love being able to accomplish on their own.

Building confidence is easy to do when you’re giving them activity sheets based on something that they love.

What Moon Activity Sheets are included?

  • Phases of the moon
  • Trace the moon
  • Day or Night?
  • Writing Practice
  • Trip to the moon
  • Astronaut Application
  • Phases of the moon with Oreo cookies



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