Ocean 100 Chart


This Ocean 100 Chart printable is a simple way to encourage your child to learn how to count from 1 – 100. They’ll be able to see the numbers and then learn how to read and spell the numbers written out as words.

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Learning how to count to 100 doesn’t have to be a hard task! No matter the age of your child, this Ocean 100 Chart activity is a great way to help them learn their numbers fast and easily. Your child will learn their numbers both written as words and numerically to be prepared.

This activity has pages with the numbers written on it as well as spelled out as words, too. Showing them various ways to count to 100 is a great way to prepare them for school.

What’s included in this Ocean 100 Chart printable:

  • Ocean Numbers 1-100
  • Numbers spelled out for sight word reading (1-100)


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